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Jeff Justus talks about the family tradition started by his dad, Jack!

Coming back to our hometown, possibly lured by the charm of a lovely lady, my father, Jack Justus, returned to Branson after serving as a B29 pilot in World War II with the Army Air Corp.

Initially working for Mr. Whelchel, the owner of a hardware store in downtown Branson, Dad eventually purchased Whelchel Hardware in 1951, marking the beginning of our family’s entrepreneurial journey. 

In the early 1950s, retail merchandise distribution faced limitations, prompting a significant shift from retail to plumbing wholesale in 1961 under the banner of L&J Plumbing Supply.

The move allowed us to source directly from manufacturers, improving pricing for our customers. 

By 1973, our growth led us to relocate from our first downtown Branson location to a larger facility nearby.

In 1997, we expanded our reach across Table Rock Lake to Stone County with the opening of a branch.

After outgrowing our second downtown Branson facility in 2005, we relocated again to a more accommodating location, north of Branson, just off Hwy 65 and the High Road. 

Today, we continue to thrive under the leadership of the Justus family at our current locations, serving Branson and Stone County.

Perfect balance of Persistence and Know How.

Jack justus

L and J Plumbing is built on a foundation of customer service and customer savings — Jack Justus made that move in the early 1960’s and Jeff Justus has expanded it today.

Entering their eighth decade, L and J Plumbing Supply puts the power of a nearly 30 billion dollar purchasing group to work for you, ensuring you access to a wide selection at significantly improved prices.

Whether you need an 1/4” elbow or a touchless faucet — L and J Plumbing Supply has it at the best possible prices. 

The foundation that Jack Justus started in 1951 is holding up a company our region is lucky to have — L and J Plumbing Supply, if water moves through it — L and J has it.

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